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Company benefits «TIGER LOGISTIC LINK»

Our forwarding organization has several advantages in the field of international cargo delivery:

  • - Insurance of all goods and cargo from accidents, thefts and other types of property damage;
  • - Timing is always timely! Your goods will arrive at the strictly prescribed time of appointment in the contract for the carriage of goods;
  • - Competence of specialists. Our employees carefully studied the customs legislation of all countries, which allows you to be sure of the legality of international cargo transportation;
  • - Democratic tariffing for all types of cargo transportation.

The main types of cargo transportation

In Ukraine, logistics is one of the most important aspects of the country's economic system. Thousands of international and domestic container freight transportation are carried out daily, the number of which is growing due to the constant increase in the pace of production.

All services of international cargo transportation are carried out in 3 ways:

  • 1.Sea transportation by ship.
    Advantages: the most reliable type of international transport, characterized by large cargo dimensions and a variety of delivery options (groupage cargoes (LCL / LTL).
  • 2.Trucking with a truck, tractor, etc.
    Advantages: the most profitable type of international cargo delivery, fast delivery, low cost;
  • 3.Air transportations.
    Advantages: the fastest way to deliver cargo to anywhere in the world;

Our mission and vision

The main achievement of our company is our satisfied clients. Every day a professional team of “TIGER Logistic Link” from different countries works together in order to help both our new clients who come and stay with us and our old partners with whom we have been cooperating for a long time already. At our work we try to provide a high-qualified logistics service combining with an individual approach to every client. We cannot promise you that no difficulties will ever occur during our cooperation because it is impossible. But we do promise you that we will solve these difficulties for you! That is what differs our company from the others – we are not afraid of taking responsibility and are ready to take your problems on us and solve them for you. After all, success for us is not a goal, but an attribute, which is important because it shows that the work we are doing is a good work.


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