Management of a complex multimodal transportation of oog cargo

Management of a complex multimodal transportation of oog cargo - Tiger Logistic Link

In April 2017 «Tiger Logistic Link» Ukraine received an inquiry for planning and arranging a series of complex multimodal transportations of OOG cargo – industrial composter. Industrial composter is an equipment that serves for fertilizers producing (handling) in a semi-automatic mode. Composter dimensions are: height – 3,05 m, length – 13,25m, width – 2,5m. Cargo weight: 15 400 kgs. The cargo should have been loaded on the territory of the manufacturer in Kharkov, Ukraine and delivered to Haifa, Israel.

As known, the specific feature of OOG transportations is that almost each of them is unique and requires a large amount of preparatory works. Due to this, «Tiger Logistic Link», based upon its huge experience in arranging such project transportations, managed to find the most effective and, at the same time, the most cost-efficient solution for arranging this cargo delivery.

Stages of transportation

“Ukrainian Cargo Bureau” developed a lashing scheme of the cargo on the 40’FL sea container according to which the cargo was fixed to sea platform with tie-down straps (EN 12195-2):
1) Length – 15 m, operating load – 7,5 t, quantity – 3 pieces;
2) Length – 15 m, operating load – 5 t, quantity – 2 pieces;
3) Length – 10 m, operating load – 5 t, quantity – 8 pieces.

After the trans-loading was done, Bureau issued a Certificate of storage and securing of cargo that confirms a possibility to perform the transportation.

With reference to this Certificate container line “ZIM Integrated Shipping Line”, which was chosen for sea transportation, agreed to accept this OOG cargo for loading on board. Sea transportation of composter was performed on a direct vessel without any trans-loadings in transit ports.

General view of the cargo on a sea platform, ready for sea transportation, in Odessa port

  • We have chosen a truck with a specific platform – low loader – for road transportation, as far as it is the only way to transport the composter due to its OOG dimensions. The composter was fixed on the low loader with the help of tie-down straps with ratchet gears and hooks, as well as fixing strapped chains with hooks.
  • In order to perform sea transportation of the cargo we have chosen a specific sea container platform among all others – 40’FL with folding collapsible ends, which serves for transportation of heavy and long-length cargoes.
  • After cargo’s arrival to port Odessa we arranged its trans-loading from the low loader to a 40’FL sea platform, which was performed with the help of scaffold truck “Terberg”. The trans-loading was held on the territory of a port container terminal in attendance of Customs Service representatives, forwarders and a surveyor, invited for controlling the process.