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The specific feature of OOG transportations is that almost each of them is unique. OOG cargoes are the cargoes that are not pertain for transportation in an open or standard truck/container due to their dimensions or weight; which specifications (at least one of them) exceed the standard ones.
The following types of cargoes should be referred as OOG cargoes:

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Yachts, cutters
  • Steam boilers
  • Gas turbines
  • Industrial units
  • Lifting appliances (cranes)
  • Metalwork
  • Trading pavilions (shops)

Consequently, when transportation companies plan such kind of transportation they perform a large amount of preparatory works, often using increased capacity trucks or special lowboys rent. The cost of OOG transportations differs from company to company. It is calculated in virtue of the route distance (general kilometrage), dimensions and weight, as well as of means of transport, used for transportation. The rate for OOG transportation also includes the cost of special permissions and the cost of convoy transport, if necessary.
Having a huge experience in arranging difficult project transportations “TIGER Logistic Link” will be able to find the best solution among all possible options taking into account your preferences and at the most profitable rates.

“TIGER LOGISTIC LINK” will be glad to offer you the following services in arranging oog transportations:
  • Transportations of OOG cargoes across CIS countries and abroad, including EU countries, Middle and Far East.
  • Freight-forwarding services provided in ports of Ukraine, Russia, Middle and Far East.
  • Special vehicles selection in compliance with all the specifications of a particular cargo.
  • Optimal route choice.
  • Detailed consulting of the client regarding the cargo transportation.
  • 24/7 Control of cargoes movement.
  • Cargo and carrier liability insurance.
  • Customs formalities in Ukraine, Russia, and EU (Estonia).
  • Execution of required documentation and permissions.
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