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Cargo transportation is the process of displacement of oversized, fragile, valuable or any other things in a particular place by the means of transport. Anyone may need cargo transportation: both an entrepreneur who works in cargo transportation sphere and a common man who just needs to move his belongings to a new place of residence.

At the present moment trucking is one of the most upcoming trends in the sphere of cargo transportations. The truck can be used for performing transportations whether of standard or of OOG cargoes, as well as heavy-lift cargoes. In fact there are many other types of cargo transportations though trucking has its advantages:

  • Cost efficiency – trucking is one of the most budgetary kinds of cargo transportation.
  • Quick delivery time – among all other types of transportation trucking occupies the second place by delivery speed and is exceeded in it only by air transport.
  • Flexible route planning – the cargo is carried not in scheduled weekdays or time, but when the need arises and depends on the loading level of the truck.
  • Cargo control during the transportation – carriers control your cargo during the transportation which allows to deliver it safe and sound.

Thanks to the geographical location of our offices, which cover Europe, CIS countries, Middle and Far East, “TIGER Logistic Link” will arrange trucking service anywhere you’d like and will make sure that your cargo is delivered to the destination point safe and timely. Our specialists will choose the most optimal route for cargo delivery and will control its movement during all the transportation process.

“TIGER LOGISTIC LINK” is ready to offer you the following trucking services:
  • Break bulk trucking services.
  • OOG cargo transportations of any complexity.
  • Dangerous cargoes trucking services.
  • Containers inland delivery.
  • Well-timed and simultaneous positioning of cargo vehicles.
  • Customs formalities and cargo escorting.
  • Optimal route choice.
  • 24/7 Cargo movement control.
  • 24/7 Контроль движения грузов.
  • Cargo and carriers liability insurance.
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